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Search Engine Optimization

After analyzing your website I found some missing things. I’d like to give some recommendations to optimize your website. These suggestions can make your website SEO worthy. So I am going to share my plan for optimizing your website and here it is:
 On Page Optimization

 Off Page Optimization

 Social Media Optimization

On Page Optimization Plan

SEO Structure Analysis: We will carefully analyze and optimize your website for any kind of W3C validation, navigation, broken links and SEO errors. We will also test and optimize the page load speed of the entire site.

Google Webmaster Tool: Need to set up Google webmaster tool to resolve crawl errors, and to implement schema markup properly. It helps us to know how your website is performing for search engine Crawlers and also help to fix issues with Google structured data markup.

Structured Data Markup: Google (use that data to index your content better, present it more prominently in search results, and surface it in new experiences like voice answers, and maps. By doing so we can make our content eligible for two kinds of Google features:

• Enhanced Presentation in Search Results: By including basic structured data appropriate to your content, your site can enhance its search results with Rich Snippets, Breadcrumbs, or a Sitelinks Search Box.

• Answers from the Knowledge Graph: If you’re the authority for certain content, Google can treat the structured data on your site as factual and import it

into the Knowledge Graph, where it can power prominent answers in Search and across Google properties.

Data Highlighter: It helps to tag the data fields on your site. When we tag the data on our site, the next time Google crawls your site, the event data will be available for rich snippets on search results pages. But note that Data Highlighter can only access pages that have been crawled by Google recently. If Google hasn’t crawled or can’t crawl some of your pages, such as pages behind sign-in forms, you can’t use Data Highlighter for those pages.

Browser Compatibility Test: We will test your website compatibility on all the browsers. Cross-browser testing is a process where we check website functionality and styles across several browser platforms, operating systems, and mobile devices to discover any potential discrepancies.

Keyword Research and Analysis: We need to research new and fruitful keywords having good search volume, which can drive good organic traffic to the website and are having low competition. We need to search keywords for all website pages according to their content/products and optimize them in our various on-page and off-page activities.

Content Canonicalization & Optimization: In-depth analysis of website content and replacing duplicate content (if found) with unique and useful content. Website’s ratio of text to HTML code is 4%. Ideal ratio is between 25-70%. It can be improved further by adding more relevant text to your pages. Adding important Content must be anchor text to the relevant page. Use your keywords in the headings and make sure the first H1 includes your most important keywords.

Meta Title: Title tags are an important on-page factor for SEO. Your website needs meta title creation and optimization.

Meta Description: Meta description which should be creative and unique and moreover they should focus on “call to action”.

Meta Keywords: Meta keywords need to be optimized in a better way to get higher ranking in SERPs. You should include meta-keywords tags in your page header to help indicate what your page is about to search engines.

Image Optimization: There are images left on the Website that can be optimized with proper ALT and Title text. We found tags that don’t include the alt attribute. Since

search engines can’t see the image, including an alt tag helps search engines know what you are showing on your website.

Heading Tag Optimization: We’ve noticed that you have heading tags that are too short and not optimized. Its best to keep your heading tags between 15 and 65 characters. We will optimize heading tags of your website by using H1 to H6 tags with targeted keywords in it.

We need to work hard on the following important factors:

Keyword Density: You should optimize keyword density of your primary keywords. A safe keyword density should range between 2-4% for your target keywords.

Keyword Usage: You are advised to use primary keywords in Meta tags (Meta-Title Tag, Meta-Keyword, and Meta Description Tag)

Off Page Optimization Plan

Search Engine Submission: After updating Meta tags and other on page SEO files to sites, they require indexing, so search engine submission will help it.

Bookmarking Submission: In today’s SEO, and according to Google’s guidelines, I will target site name as BRAND so that Google consider it relevant backlink towards sites. Moreover, I will use main targeted keywords as TITLE in Bookmarking and other off little keywords will use as tags. I will go deeper in bookmarking after setting up full profile on various website like: Reddit, Delicious etc.

Classified Ads: To alluring customers towards website services in local areas will use Classified ads. Here, I will list keywords as an ads name and use site link to get relevant backlinks. Also we can use it as newspaper, and local and global users can view it.

Local Business Listings: This is for increasing popularity and familiarity of websites in Google and in business directories. For this I will need address, phone number and other relevant detail of business. Website will get strong links from these directories.

Article Syndication: The keyword rich article will be posted at the top most Article Directories like, etc.

Document Sharing: Creation of PPT and PDF and then submit in pertinent sites like Scribd etc.

Blogging with Web 2.0: Writing content and submitting in blogging sites like blogger, yola and many more

Other Off-Page Activities:
 Directory Submissions

 Disqus Blog Commenting

 Image Sharing

 Yahoo Answers

Social Media Optimization Plan

Your social share count is low. You can improve the rank of your site by creating high-quality content that people want to consume and share. Search engines are increasingly using social media activity to determine which pages are most relevant for keyword searches. In order to increase your website’s visibility or to increase revenue generated through organic search you are advised to increase your website’s social media engagement. We will Create and Promote your business in all major social media websites. The process will increase the awareness of your product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity. Following are the major social media channels that we will use to promote your business.

 Promote Facebook Page
 Promote LinkedIn Page

 Promote Twitter Page

 Promote Google+

 Promote YouTube Channel

 Design all branding for Social Media Accounts


Based on the above analysis the website needs a complete On Page and Off Page optimization. This report and suggestions highlight areas of the site where there are problems, which may adversely affect or completely negate the site’s performance on

Search Engines. Most of the onsite issues are of a technical nature and we can assist to resolve those as well in addition to doing the Search Engine Optimization.